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Rare bamboo species

Rare species for collectors and other bamboolovers. Often there are only a limited number of plants available of these species. Are you looking for a species that is not in our shop yet, please check availability or ask for our list.

Chusquea couleou (60-80cm) 5 liter

Chusquea couleou (60-80cm)    5 liter

Euro 35.00


Fargesia Denudata Xian 2 (60-80cm) 3 liter

Fargesia Denudata Xian 2 (60-80cm)    3 liter

Euro 16.00


Phyll. Vivax Huanwhenzou Inversa (150-200cm) 15 liter

Phyll. Vivax Huanwhenzou Inversa (150-200cm)    15 liter

Euro 55.00


Phyllostachys spec. Shanghai 3 (40-60cm) 2,5 liter

Phyllostachys spec. Shanghai 3 (40-60cm)    2,5 liter

Beautiful new species, that makes thick Culms

Euro 20.00